Casey Cochran

...2015 Loretta Lynn's Champ

Will Canaguier

2015 51cc 4-6 Limited Loretta Lynn Champion!


"It's amazing how far these little bikes have come!"

− Ricky Carmichael

"These bikes are bikes!"

− Mitch Payton

Watch the CX50 FWE rip!

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Cobra Off-Road riders take top spots at the ECEA

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  Cobra Off-Road riders take top spots at the ECEA (East Coast Enduro Association) Youth Harescramble Series.   Factory 65 Rider Nathan Dulaney earned the Number 1 plate of the...

Cobra Moto returns to the Special Limited class, launching the new CX50P3 for 2016

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Cobra’s beginner racing bike returns to the 50cc CX fleet, loaded with upgrades destine to make a big splash with Special Limited racers  HILLSDALE, Mich., (Jan. 19, 2016) – Listening...

Cobra Moto pulls a big holeshot with the new CX50FWE – Factory Works Edition

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A "Game changer," according to Cobra Moto President Sean Hilbert, the CX50FWE ups the ante across the board in amateur MX racing HILLSDALE, Mich., (Jan. 15, 2016) – Racers dream...

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