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Luke Fauser

...2016 7-8 Limited Loretta Lynn's Champ


Seth Dennis

2016 51cc 4-6 Limited Loretta Lynn Champion!


It's amazing how far these little bikes have come!

Ricky Carmichael

These bikes are literally...works bikes!

Mitch Payton

Cobra MOTO Mannequin Challenge 2016

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Cobra Moto racers sweep all 50cc MX/SX titles at Florida’s Thor Winter Olympics!

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American-made bikes and kids dominate the last big amateur national of the ’17 season, six different 50cc Cobra Championships blanket the week of racing! HILLSDALE, Mich., (Dec. 2, 2016) –…

Bel-Ray and Cobra… a great partnership!

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Cobra & Bel-Ray! from Sean Hilbert on Vimeo.

Cobra Moto’s new CX65 debuts @ Mini Os, along w/ full Cobra support for racers

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Cobra Moto’s factory support big rig’s nearing Florida, manned with a full crew of engineering & tech support and packed to the ceiling with Cobra parts HILLSDALE, Mich., (Nov. 18,…

A few pics from Lorettas

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