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Motocross Action Magazine Tests the 2013 CX65


MR1_97 It’s been ten years since the nation’s original MX Mag tested a minicycle. Needless to say, the Cobra Crew was nervous when we handed over the bike…We’ve read bike tests from MXA for decades, and we know they don’t pull any punches. After delivering the bike, we went as far as making some suggestions as to who they might pick for riders. We have several team riders on the West Coast, and we figured they would have some fun seeing their picture on newsstands around the country. Unfortunately for our team kids, MXA didn’t see it that way. They chose test riders they were familiar with…All of whom had another brand of 65cc race bike in their garage.

The test report blew us away. Every kid that rode the bike loved it. MXA spent five pages of coverage ogling over the engine and suspension. To check out the story in detail, pick up the June 2013 issue which hit the newsstands this week, or subscribe to the digital version here.

Below are some excerpts:


“Every test rider agreed the CX65 ran like a scalded cat. The power plant was the testers’ favorite attribute of the bike. The engine has bottom-end hit and a solid pull through the range. Power really spikes once the electronic power valve opens, and it surges into the top end.”

“The CX65 power plant is a rip-roaring machine built for racing and ready to win. The two-piece cylinder is especially cool.”


“The CX65 chassis is very balanced front-to-rear.”

“The steel chassis is very forgiving in corners, and riders were very impressed with the CX65’s handling characteristics.”

“Often, a sharp handling bike sacrifices stability at speed, but that isn’t the case with the Cobra. It is a jack of all trades, giving up very little across a wide range of situations. Most important, the Cobra CX65 is confidence inspiring, an especially critical quality in a bike designed for a mini rider.”

“It’s hard to believe what Cobra has done with the CX65 suspension…”

Overall Impression:

“Imagine a motorcycle that is ready to race right out of the crate, at the highest level, and requires very little investment beyond the initial purchase price. The bike can legally compete in the stock class, and has won numerous championships under the fastest youngsters in the sport, and is made in America.”

“The Cobra CX65 is a winner through and through.”