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Cobra Moto racers sweep all 50cc MX/SX titles at Florida’s Thor Winter Olympics!

American-made bikes and kids dominate the last big amateur national of the ’17 season, six different 50cc Cobra Championships blanket the week of racing!

cobra_-kade-johnsonHILLSDALE, Mich., (Dec. 2, 2016) – All-American kids on best American-made competition mini cycles around. Six championships in six classes. The incredible racing heritage of Cobra Moto continued this past week/weekend with a thorough 50cc podium-dominating effort at the legendary Thor Winter Olympics held at Gatorback MX Park in Gainesville, Fla.

Kids on Cobras had such a strong showing at Gatorback, winning not only all six 50cc divisions, all six 1st & 2nd place efforts, but also taking an incredible 17 of 18 possible podium spots – including an unprecedented six class victories from five different kids. It was, to say the least, a Cobra Moto podium festival @ Gatorback!

“Wow. What a week. Congrats from everyone at the Cobra Moto factory to all the Cobra Kids that participated, and a big high-five to all that raced to podium finishes,” said Cobra Moto President Sean Hilbert. “From launching our new CX65 to helping everyone on Cobras at the Mini Os with our factory support rig, Gatorback is always a huge event for us. And to come away with the entire class victories was just incredible.”

Cobra Moto’s top performer on the weekend in the 50cc junior classes was local Floridian Seth Dennis. The Cobra CX50JR pilot, who earlier in the year won the Loretta’s 4-6 championship, was undefeated in MX and SX competition at Gatorback – going 1st/1st/1st/1st in four motos. Illinois racer Mikah Carpenter, kept Dennis honest, racing to a well-deserved runner-up position to Dennis in both the 51cc 4-6 Limited SX and MX classes.

On the Cobra Moto CX50SR bikes it’d be a couple Johnsons – Florida’s Bradyn Johnson (MX) and Utah’s Kade Johnson (SX) – that would sweep the 51cc 4-8 Limited classes, with Kade Johnson podiuming (3rd) in the MX class as well. And in the premier 51cc 7-8 Limited class MX division, Tennessee’s Drew Adams would race to the win over 2nd place Kade Johnson, while Pennsylvania’s Luke Fauser raced his CX50SR to victory over runner-up (again) Kade Johnson in the 51cc 7-8 Limited SX class.

Cobra Moto 2016 Mini Os 51cc results


51cc 4-6 Limited                      51cc 4-8 Limited                       51cc 7-8 Limited

1st – Seth Dennis, Fla.              1st – Bradyn Johnson, Fla.         1st – Drew Adams, Tenn.

2nd – Mikah Carpenter, Ill.     2nd – Landen Gordon, Calif.      2nd – Kade Johnson, Utah

3rd – Jesse Shedden, Calif.      3rd – Kade Johnson, Utah          3rd – Landen Gordon, Calif.


51cc 4-6 Limited                      51cc 4-8 Limited                      51cc 7-8 Limited

1st – Seth Dennis, Fla.              1st – Kade Johnson, Utah           1st – Luke Fauser, Pa.

2nd – Mikah Carpenter, Ill.     2nd – Tyler Mollet, Fla.               2nd – Kade Johnson, Utah

3rd – Mason Raynos, N.C.       3rd – Tyler Cole, Fla.

On the 65s at the Mini Os Cobra Moto was led by California’s Parker Ross and Arizona’s Julien Beaumer. Ross would grab a podium finish in the 65’s premier SX division class, the 7-11, and also podium in the MX division’s 65 10-11 class. Ross added a respectable 5th in the 65 SX 10-11 Limited class. Beaumer would lock down an impressive three 3rd place overall podium finishes, two in the SX 7-9 and 7-9 Limited classes, along with the MX 65 7-9 Limited class. And racing right with Beaumer for most of the competition was Georgia’s Casey Cochran, topping Beaumer with a 4th place finish in the 65 7-9 MX class, then right behind Beaumer in the MX 7-9 Limited class and 65 7-11 class, as well as the SX 7-9 and 7-9 Limited classes.

Cobra 2016 Moto Mini Os 65cc results


65cc 10-11                                   65cc 10-11 Limited                         65cc 7-9

3rd – Parker Ross, Calif.           6th – Parker Ross, Calif.                4th – Casey Cochran, Ga.

                                                     7thJett Burgess-Stevens, Ill.    5thJulien Beaumer, Ariz.

65cc 7-9 Limited                      65cc 7-11             

3rd – Julien Beaumer, Ariz.      3rd – Julien Beaumer, Ariz.

5th – Casey Cochran, Ga.           4th – Casey Cochran, Ga.



65cc 10-11 Limited                    65cc 7-9                                               65cc 7-9 Limited

5th – Parker Ross, Calif.            3rdJulien Beaumer, Ariz.                3rd – Julien Beaumer, Ariz.

5th – Casey Cochran, Ga.           6th – Casey Cochran, Ga.                                  

65cc 7-11            

3rd – Julien Beaumer, Ariz.

4th – Casey Cochran, Ga.

Cobra Moto would like to thank all of the companies it partners with to bring the finest minicycles in the world to market including Bel-Ray, SKF, CARD, Dunlop, Answer/Pro Taper and Aeromod International.

Photo courtesy of: Cobra Moto

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Cobra Moto, founded in 1993, produces the most successful line of competition mini cycles in the United States with more than 300 national titles in the last decade. Based out of Hillsdale, Mich., Cobra Moto’s mission is to build premium products for the serious racer. For more information on Cobra products, please visit our website at http://www.cobramoto.com/ and like us on Cobra Nation on Facebook.

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