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Cobra Moto’s new CX65 debuts @ Mini Os, along w/ full Cobra support for racers

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Cobra Moto’s factory support big rig’s nearing Florida, manned with a full crew of engineering & tech support and packed to the ceiling with Cobra parts

cobra-moto-haulerHILLSDALE, Mich., (Nov. 18, 2016) – One of America’s longest-running amateur motocross events, the 2017 Thor Winter Olympics, presented by Pro Circuit, at Gainesville’s (Fla.) Gatorback Cycle Park, is the destination for all things Cobra Moto next week (Nov. 21-26). Cobra’s factory support rig hit the road today, full of every Cobra CX part imaginable, along with an engineering and tech staff available to every kid there that’s racing the legendary American-made Cobra mini cycles.

Also along for the ride, and making its debut on the national amateur motocross circuit, is the highly anticipated 2017 Cobra Moto CX65.

“Thanksgiving with the Cobra Moto families from all over the USA – doesn’t get much better than that for Cobra’s factory support staff,” said Cobra Moto President Sean Hilbert. “The Mini Os is an event Cobra Moto looks forward to every year, acts as a highly important gauge for our engineering team and allows us to make a big splash with new product – this year being the debut of our all-new CX65.”

Packed full of American Made parts, the “radically re-designed” CX65, according to Hilbert, features an array of improvements, including:

  • All-new top end, exhaust, transmission and brakes.
  • Improved clutch, featuring a re-designed hydraulic actuator that’s more reliable and requires less maintenance.
  • The most horsepower in its class, “not just in peak, but also the broadest and smoothest power delivery,” according to Hilbert.
  • All-new computer controlled electronic power valve.
  • Only bike in its class with a full cartridge fork.
  • Answer/Pro Taper bars.
  • Dunlop MX51s.
  • Topped off with Bel-Ray’s industry-leading brake, shock, fork & air filter oil, transmission fluid and bearing grease.
  • Bullet-proof wheels made in Cobra’s factory and exclusive to the CX65.
  • Appointed billet goodies everywhere.

Along with the new CX65 under the Cobra Moto factory rig canopy, those attending the Mini Os can watch the action as it happens, “Live,” with racing, timing and scoring on multiple large high definition monitors. Cobra Moto’s engineering and tech crew – the guys who actually designed the parts and build the bikes – knowing them beyond inside and out – are there to assist all Cobra Moto racers and families, featuring a truckload of parts and accessories at their fingertips.

“Good luck next week from everybody at the Cobra Moto factory here in Michigan,” added Hilbert.

Cobra Moto would like to thank all of the companies it partners with to bring the finest minicycles in the world to market including Bel-Ray, SKF, CARD, Dunlop, Answer/Pro Taper and Aeromod International.

Photos courtesy of: Cobra Moto

Cobra Moto, founded in 1993, produces the most successful line of competition mini cycles in the United States with more than 300 national titles in the last decade. Based out of Hillsdale, Mich., Cobra Moto’s mission is to build premium products for the serious racer. For more information on Cobra products, please visit our website at http://www.cobramoto.com/ and like us on Cobra Nation on Facebook.

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Loretta Lynn’s Class of 2010

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Part of our live display at the National each summer is a banner that commemorates all the Cobra Kids who worked so hard to make it into The Show. After the race, each 8-foot tall banner gets ‘retired’ by hanging it from the Cobra Factory rafters. Congrats to all the kids who qualified in 2010!



Occasionally, we get requests for reprints of the banner. If you would like to purchase your own personal copy, Contact Rob HERE at Barefoot Racing.

Canadian Amateur National – A great week at Walton, eh!

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It was a great week of racing at Walton for the Cobra gang. There are some very fast kids coming out of Canada these days including 50cc 7-8 standout Nicholas Cryer who swept all three of his motos with ease. Following close behind Nicholas were Curtis Mair in third and Cobi Cox with a fourth overall – all three aboard 2010 King 50s.

In the 65cc 10-11 class, Tanner Ward sizzled to a third place overall (and top finishing 10 year-old). Tanner also put his CX65 into the top 10 in the 7-11 85cc class!

Wrapping up the week, Chris and Norma Williams from Cobra Canada presented the first annual Harold Hilbert Memorial Award to the top finishing kids in each PeeWee and 65cc class. The yearly trek up to Walton was one of Harold’s favorite points in the season – he very much loved the families, the kids, and the beautiful facility.

We’re looking forward to next year’s event!


Nicholas Cryer nabbing the holeshot in Moto 2.


Tanner Ward hucking it over “The Natural” on his CX65


Brad Williams roosting on his CX65.


Harold Hilbert Memorial Award recipients on stage (Nicholas Cryer, Tanner Ward, and Nathan Gross)

2010 Loretta Lynn’s Friday and Saturday Wrap

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201050ccSRPodiumTurpinRogersMashburn The championship run for the 7-8 51cc Stock class would come down to a test of survival on Friday morning. Lance Kobusch charged out to an early lead followed by Parker Mashburn, Stilez Robertson, and Jack Rogers. Stilez got gobbled up by some deep mud left over from the previous day’s rain and fell back several places. Lance, meanwhile, had some mechanical difficulties and fell back as well. The championship came down to whether or not Turpin could stay four places ahead of Stilez at the finish, and that was decided on lap five when Stilez got together with Grant Harlan in the Six Pack section of the course and both riders went down. Turpin rode a fast and steady race to finish on the podium and clinch the championship! Meanwhile, Mashburn and Rogers checked out and would finish 1-2. Other notable rides of the day belong to Levi Kitchen and Grant Doolittle finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Congratulations Jackson!

In the 4-6 51cc Stock class, the top spot would never be contested as Gage Linville pulled his third holeshot of the week and led every lap. Behind him, however, things got interesting right off the start. Second place contender, Vance Stiers, went down on the start, and a mishap by a flagger resulted in him restarting very slowly – he would eventually charge back to 18th place. Meanwhile, Cade Britt overcame a tough second moto to ride strong up front and finish second. That would secure fourth overall in the championship for him. Rounding out the podium was GageLinvilleMPCoverRobert Hailey III. Robert rode smart and steady all week – picking his way through the pack each moto after mid-pack starts – to secure second overall in the championship hunt. Gage wrapped up the week as a nearly uncontested national champion!  (image courtesy of Motoplayground magazine).

Chase Sexton, highest placing 10 year-old in both the 7-11 65cc mod class and the 10-11 65cc stock classes finished a strong fourth on Friday to wrap up a podium overall in the Mod class. This is a big milestone for Cobra as it represents our first podium at Loretta Lynn’s in a 65cc class…There will be more to come!

AadenVaezieBrandonSmithLL2010 Finally, the 65cc 7-9 stock class ran its final moto on Saturday morning and Cobra mounted Aaden Vaezie and Brandon Smith shot out of the gate and ran 2nd and 3rd for the first lap. Aaden went down on lap two and remounted toward the back of the pack. Meanwhile, Brandon, along with first and second place, sprinted away and gapped the rest of the field by nearly 20 seconds. On lap five, Brandon fell over the finish line double-double section and restarted in fourth where he would remain for the rest of the race. This secured tenth overall in the championship hunt for Brandon. Also finishing in the overall top ten was Michael Hicks who wound up eighth overall after putting in 12,16,12 moto finishes.

Great job guys!

(Photo Credits: Corey Bixby of See How Big)

2010 Loretta Lynn’s Thursday Update

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2010LorettaLynnsStilezRobertson1 The race day kicked off with the 51cc 7-8 Class taking it to the track. Stilez Robertson pulled a nice holeshot followed closely by Lance Kobusch. Stilez, protecting his championship opportunity, battled with Lance for a few laps before letting him go. Lance ran away with the moto, and Stilez rode to a smart second place finish. Third place was earned by a hard-riding Grant Doolittle making his most impressive showing to-date on the national scene. Cobra mounted Jackson Turpin and Guage Keith rounded out the top five.2010LLGrantDoolittle1



Overall podium points leaders for the LL 2010 50 7-8 Class Championship are 1st Stilez Robertson (Cobra) 2nd Jackson Turpin (Cobra) 3rd Tied Jack Rodgers (Cobra) / Parker Mashburn (Cobra).2010LLTurpin15andRogers25



In the 51cc 4-6 class, Gage Linville pulled the holeshot and was challenged early on by Jaiden Taylor. At the start of Lap 3, Jaiden decided to jump to the inside of Linville for the pass, but instead he clipped Linville’s back tire and slid off the side of the track. Despite a late fall, Linville managed the moto win followed by  Vance Stiers and Robert Hailey. Going into moto three on Friday, the championship race is: 1st Gage Linville, 2nd Robert Hailey, and 3rd Jaiden Taylor.



In Thursday’s 65cc 7-9 Stock Class, Cobra’s Aaden Vaezie nearly pulled the holeshot, and rode a 2010LLAadenVaezieStartgreat race until the heat got too him near mid-race. He finished a strong eleventh and was one of the highest finishing eight-year-olds in the race.


Chase Sexton once again rode an outstanding 10-11 Stock 65cc moto putting in a fourth place ride. Chase sits in a solid third place going into the final moto.

(Photo Credit: Corey Bixby of See How Big)

2010 Loretta Lynn’s Wednesday Update

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2010LLChaseSexton2 Cobra’s Chase Sexton took an impressive 4th place finish in the 10-11 65 stock class. In the 7-9 stock 65cc class, Cobra riders struggled to keep it on two wheels as Brandon Smith, Michael Hicks, Jonathan Lee, and Aiden Veazie all ended up on the ground at least once. In the final Cobra moto of the day, the 65cc 7-11 mod class, Chase Sexton once again motored to a strong third place podium finish.

Later on in the day Cobra kicked off its first annual REFLEX tournament with over 35 entries. Finalists Drew and Justin battled it out with Justin taking the win from Drew and pocketing some sweet Cobra swag from our 2010 Accessories Catalog.

2010ReflexContest Finishing up the day Wednesday was the Cobra Annual Family Dinner. We enjoyed close to 300 attendees throughout the night, and all the racers got a chance to pick up their commemorative tee-shirts and do some bench racing. Special thanks to all of the families that brought a dish and helped out with the event!



(Photo Credit: Corey Bixby of See How Big)

2010 Loretta Lynn’s Tuesday Update

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2011CobraReveal Cobra kicked off Loretta Lynn’s this year with an unveiling party to show off our 2011 lineup. We introduced all five bikes including the new CX50s and CX65 and our CARD King and CARD 65. Everyone loved them! Stay tuned for more details.


Racing kicked off Tuesday morning, and so far it’s looking like another successful year at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch as Stylez Robertson and Gage Linville2010LLGageLinville1 both won their first motos in the 7-8 and 4-6 51cc stock classes. Backing Stylez and Gage up on the podium were Cobra mounted Parker Mashburn and Jackson Turpin (nephew of former MX star Keith Turpin) in the 7-8 class and Vance Stiers and Jaiden Taylor in the 4-6 class.


2010LLChaseSexton1Later in the day, Cobra’s Chase Sexton had an impressive come-back in the 65cc 7-11 mod class where he recovered from three tip-overs to charge through for a strong sixth.


(Photo Credits: Corey Bixby of See How Big)


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We had a feeling that the 4th round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals was going to be something special for Cobra as we rolled into Silverstone as part of the Air Asia British Moto GP. The all new Silverstone motocross circuit witnessed some incredible racing, particularly on Saturday night! Although the track was far from ideal, the event itself was a success with many of the Moto GP fans enjoying their first motocross experience.


The MCF and Silverstone knew it would be tough to get a new track perfect in its preparations as it was only finished a week prior to the event, but that couldn’t stop the tight racing in all the classes, and the road bike fanatics that came over to check the event out were impressed.

With a race programme designed to fit around the Moto GP schedule, the weekend was spread out over three days with the Pro class, the Fuchs-Silkolene 125cc British 2-stroke riders, and the Elite 65cc class.

After six races over the weekend, cool cat Dylan Woodcock took the overall win in the 65cc class ahead of his Cobra teammate Ryan Vickers. Vickers set down a marker in qualifying as he was 5 seconds clear but several crashes in the first race had him playing catch up for the rest of the weekend on the smooth Woodcock who looks every bit the motocross star with his long hair and Supercross style! The ever improving Harry Wichman took third and as the weekend went on became more of a threat to the Cobra pair to take the final step on the podium ahead of Drew Warren. Dee-Jay Walker made it three Cobra’s in the top six with a creditable fifth place while Jaydon Murphy battled hard all weekend for the final sixth place trophy.