I started riding a Honda 50 at 20 months old. From day 1, I LOVED riding my motorcycle! 8 months later at 2½ years old, I ditched the training wheels and it was full throttle all the time! I began competing in Hill Climb events and rode my first motocross race at Sacramento Raceway when I was 3½ years old. My goal in every race is to win and I put everything I have physically and mentally into achieving that goal in each race. I love every minute on my dirt bike. I love to push myself to go faster, jump farther and ride smarter every time I get on my bike. Now I am competing with the top riders in the Nation as a Cobra Motorcycles Elite Team Rider!


2014 Motopro Triple Crown Series
o Series Champion 50cc 7-8 & Open
o 2nd Place 65cc 7-9yr
o 3rd Place 65cc Open
2014 Dodge California State Championship
o State Champion 50cc 7-8yr
o State Champion 50cc Ltd 7-8yr
o State Champion 50cc Open
o 7th place 65cc 7-9
2014 Vurb Classic
**Hired Gun
o 2nd Place – 51cc 7-8yr 2nd
o 3rd Place – 51cc Open 3rd
o 6th Place – 65cc Open 6
2014 Loretta Lynn’s
o 4th place Overall 50cc 7-8yr
 2014 Mammoth Motocross
o 1st place – Overall Champion 50cc
o 5th place – Overall 65cc 6-8yr
2014 Loretta Lynn’s Northwest Regional Qualifier,
o 1st 50ccc
o 8th 65cc 6-9yr
2014 Hangtown Motocross Classic 65cc 6-8yr, 2nd Place
2014 KTM Jr Supercross challenge, Anaheim III 2014, 2nd Place
2013 Dodge Amateur Nationals
o 2nd 50 Open
o 3rd 50 7-8yr
o 3rd 50 Mod
2013 Future Ford Gold Cup Amateur National
o 1st 50 Open
o 1st 50 7-8yr
2013 Transworld Spring Series NorCal Champion
50cc, 7-8yr & Open
2013 CMC Spring Classic Champion 50cc, 7-8yr & Open
2013 Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier at Oatfield, CA, 2nd place 50cc Open
2013 CMC Golden State National Champion 50cc 7-8yr & Open